Unique to Marketplace, your voice intro is behind a little blue play button by your avatar image. This is the first thing an author will likely click on when they arrive on your Marketplace narrator profile page.

The audio intro is your chance at a great first impression with a potential author, and can be a great opportunity to make an emotional connection before they hear your work samples lower on the page. Aim for thirty seconds in length and ensure it shows what you can deliver by keeping it up to the same quality and post production processing standards you use on your audiobooks.

Showcase your voice and personality through 3-5 sentences. Try recording on the fly if you’re comfortable or better yet pre-write what you’d like to say to make sure you get all the points you’d like. Remember to be interesting and passionate in your audio intro, it’s a great way to catch an author's attention or lose it.

We’ve heard everything from multiple accents, to a book or quote passage, to the story of how a voice actor fell in love with narrating audiobooks. It’s all up to you. A call to action to check out your samples below, suggesting a sample you particularly love, and thanking the author for their consideration is a good standard practice.

You can change your audio intro at any time after you publish or come back and add it later. The bottom line is that your profile is much more rich when you have an audio intro.