As a self-published author, you’ve heard about the booming audiobook industry and its 10 years of year-over-year growth. You want to get that beautiful book you’ve written heard by the ears of a new audience as an audiobook. But how do you get your audiobook made and available on the plethora of audiobook listening platforms out there? The process from creation to distribution is remarkably simple with Findaway Voices through the three paths we offer on our platform. In this article we’ll break down the difference between a Marketplace productions, a managed productions, and existing audiobooks or self-narrations.

First things first. Get yourself set-up on as an author and complete your author profile. Note: You can only either an author or a narrator on one account. You'll need separate accounts if you plan to publish audiobooks as an author and provide voice services as a narrator.

Next, you’re going to click the +New Project button and you’ll be presented with the following three choices, which we’ll break down here.

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Marketplace Audiobook Production

You’re in the driver seat with a Marketplace production. Marketplace enables an author or publisher to manage the entire audiobook production process—starting with finding the perfect voice for your story from thousands of professional narrators and voice actors.

You have full-control and are solely responsible for production management. You’ll be responsible for the contract between the rights holder (author) and narrator, of which we provide an incredibly comprehensive sample contract which you can use. You and the narrator agree to payment terms and how you’ll process the payment outside of Findaway Voices.

You’re the casting director in a Marketplace production. If you’re trying to decide if you should self-narrate your audiobook, we recommend auditioning yourself along with some professionals on Marketplace and ask your fans what they like in a blind test. Don’t be surprised if they choose a professional narrator, because after all they are a professional! Our intelligent interface takes you through the entire production from commenting on audio files directly, to distribution options seamlessly. Producing an audiobook is a lot of fun and a magic moment for many authors when they first hear their story read. Independent authors are by their very nature independent and a Marketplace production provides the freedom to create.

Managed Audiobook Production

Managed productions are audiobook productions that are produced directly with Findaway Voices. One of our experienced casting directors will provide you a list of proven narrators that we’ve worked with where you’ll listen to samples and find the exposition that fits your story.

We work directly with you to find the perfect voice for your story, take care of the contract management, payment, and provide you with production updates throughout the entire process. Casting, contract management, payment processing, and production management can be potentially intimidating for a first-time audiobook author or a time burden to many authors. In these instances, a Managed Production is ideal.

Our team will be with you every step of the way, answering questions, providing support, and helping to manage the production for you!

Existing Audiobooks or Self-Narrations

Existing Audiobooks or Self-Narration is the final and third option in which you’ve produced the audiobook outside of Findaway Voices. Prior to uploading finished audio files ensure that your artwork is to specification and your narrator knows about our technical requirements. Also, note that the author, not the narrator, will be the one to load the audio on Findaway Voices.  Bringing finished audiobooks to Findaway Voices for distribution is easy to add cover art, create metadata, and upload your final files.

Global Audiobook Distribution

All three options use our simple distribution pricing model. In all three project options you keep 80% of your royalties and we receive 20%. We have a strong WIDE global audiobook distribution network of over 40 retail and library partners where your audiobook will be available.

You choose where your audiobook is sold.

You choose the retail and library price.

No exclusivity required.

You own your rights.

You are in control of your audiobook production with Findaway Voices.

After you’ve published, it takes hours to 2-4 weeks, depending on the partner, for your files to be publicly available on the 40+ platforms. You can easily access the direct URLs to all partners on our Retailer Links dashboard and monitor your audiobook sales via the Sales Dashboard. We handle all the partner business model calculations, royalty collections, and you receive one royalty payment a month.Get started with your audiobook production today and if you have any questions feel free to email our world-class support team at