Upload your previously-exclusive titles in February to take advantage of a 10% Royalty Bonus in March*

Dear Authors,

Now is the time to take your audiobook distribution WIDE! Findaway Voices enables you to reach more listeners and sell more audiobooks in more places.

For authors that are exclusive to ACX, you should know they've recently announced that you can move from exclusivity to non-exclusivity after 90 days. Say goodbye to 7 years of exclusivity and hello to a bonus 10% royalty when you publish your titles wide with Findaway Voices in February.

This is a massive opportunity for you to sell more audiobooks than ever before. When you upload your ACX titles to Findaway Voices, you have control over setting your retail and library list price and can choose where you sell your books in over 40 channels. Now that's freedom!

Sign-up or log in now, upload and publish your titles during February, fill out this form after they're published and you'll receive a 10% royalty bonus on top of what you earn on your March royalty statement.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions by emailing support@findawayvoices.com.

With love,

The Findaway Voices Team

P.S. We really do love authors…our team is filled with writers like you!

I want a Royalty Bonus

*10% Royalty Bonus applies to only previously-exclusive titles moved from ACX and uploaded during the month of February 2021 and sold during the month of March 2021. You must complete this form by March 1, 2021 to take advantage of the offer. A bonus payment equal to 10% of the royalties earned on your March 2021 royalty statement will be paid on or before April 30, 2021. Terms and conditions may apply and subject to change.