Clarifying our Terms of Use

Clarifying our Terms of Use

Today, Findaway Voices by Spotify is sharing updated Terms of Use that consolidate agreements and provide basic provisions that enable Spotify to promote and grow your published work. We have received inquiries on the intent of the provisions, which we would like to clarify here:

Can you sell my audiobook without paying me royalties?

No. You will always be paid according to our Payment Terms. We cannot change your audiobook or create a new product in any way that would bypass our payment obligations.

Can you create an eBook, transcript, or a derivative work like a sequel or movie with my Intellectual Property and sell it?

No. However, we can create materials, like a share card, that help promote and market your audiobook with the direct intent of influencing your audiobook’s success. 

Is the license to distribute my audiobook irrevocable?

No. Should you decide to cease using Findaway Voices by Spotify, we will take steps to stop distributing your audiobook.

Can you create an AI voice with my audiobook?

No. Your audiobook may be used in ways that help us prevent fraud and abuse of the platform or help us promote and recommend your audiobook. We cannot use your audiobook to create a new, machine-generated voice without your permission.

Why go to the trouble of updating your Terms?

We need some basic rights and permissions to help your audience discover and engage with your work or to make you promotional assets like share cards.

Findaway Voices by Spotify is deeply committed to your success as an Author. We look forward to continuing to power the distribution and contributing to the success of your published works as we innovate on the needs and opportunities of the industry.