The dog days of summer are here and whether you’re an author, narrator, reader, or listener, everyone can enjoy an audiobook during their favorite summer activities. Enjoy these seven ideas from the team at Findaway Voices.

  1. Walking, Hiking, and Running - We’ve all been cooped up during the pandemic, get outside and enjoy the activity that requires nothing other than your mobile device, headphones, and a new audiobook.
  2. Cooking & BBQing - While you’re choppin’ toppin’s for the ultimate backyard burger mise en place spread, pop on a new audiobook and relax with a great story.
  3. Fishing - Pack a lunch, your rod, reel, tackle gear, and head for the water. Whether you snag a big one or not, you’ll have a great time outside listening to a new audiobook. Might we suggest
  4. Beach Day - Feel the sun on your face, sand in your toes, wind in your hair, and prose of a new audiobook in your ears makes for a great summer day.
  5. Road Tripping - Are we there yet? That’s one sentence you can avoid, or at least lessen the number of times asked, by turning up an audiobook that has the kids leaning in to what happens next.
  6. Backyard Beautification - Whether it's simply cutting the lawn, mulching, planting a flower bed, or trimming and smelling the roses, pop in your headphones and enjoy an audiobook.
  7. Camping or Blanket Fort Camping - Listening to an audiobook amidst the splendor of mother nature is rejuvenating, especially some Ralph Waldo Emerson. But if it’s one of those hot summer nights when the air conditioning is right, use your best blanket fort engineering skills to make the ultimate indoor campsite for the kids and put on an audiobook to capture their imaginations.