Have you listened to some good stories lately?

Bring some joy to authors you enjoy during National Audiobook Month by doing these 8 simple things.  Each one makes a big difference to an author!

  1. Write a positive review - In addition to reviewing it on the storefront where you purchased it, jump on Goodreads.com and Bookbub.com and give them a glowing review.
  2. Sign up for their newsletter - This helps more than you know. Email is the most valuable tool for authors to communicate directly to their audience because they control the outreach, not a social algorithm determining if you see it or not. Being on an author’s email list also ensures that you won’t miss knowing when their next book is released.
  3. Tell your friends and family - Shoot them a text, social post, or at your next dinner mention how much you enjoyed listening to your favorite author’s audiobook. Word of mouth referral is absolutely one of the strongest ways to help an author.
  4. Follow them on social media - Click, done. You’ve just helped an author build their audience and you’ll learn about their next title when it comes out! If you really love the author, be sure to check ‘see these posts first' in your follow preferences on Facebook.
  5. Engage with their posts - Likes are one thing, but a comment or share goes a long way in making an author’s day.  These forms of social media engagement help tickle the algorithms to help their posts reach more people on many platforms.
  6. Give them a shoutout - Post the title art you to the book you enjoyed to your social channel, tag the author, and tell your social followers why you liked the story so much. You’ll look so sophisticated and learned with your fancy book selfie! If you write a blog or run a podcast, give it an in-depth review.
  7. Give their audiobook as a gift - check out our post on how to give audiobooks and share a good story with someone special.
  8. Buy their audiobooks using Authors Direct - When you buy an audiobook from an author using Authors Direct, you maximize their royalty earned on the sale and have an awesome listening experience, too! If your favorite audiobook author doesn’t have an Authors Direct store, encourage them to set one up at authors-direct.com!