Audiobook Marketing Madness

Findaway Voices is pleased to present the March Madness Sweet 16 Audiobook Marketing Tactics bracket. We’ve paired up eight awesome marketing tactic match-ups in a FREE VS. PAID bracket.

Audiobook Marketing Madness

Sweet 16 Audiobook Marketing Tactics

Dear Authors,

Findaway Voices is pleased to present the Sweet 16 Audiobook Marketing Tactics bracket.  We’ve paired up eight awesome marketing tactic match-ups in a FREE VS. PAID bracket. Tell us your favorite tactics in each matchup on social media! What tactics do authors champion?!

While you may or may not be a college basketball fan, the competition inspired us to create this bracket of audiobook marketing tactics which is sure to provide some healthy debate and ideas for success with your author business.

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The Bracket Detail

FREE Tactics

PAID Tactics

First in Series free/$0.99

Make the first in your series free or $0.99 to hook and entice listeners to buy the rest of the series.

BookBub Ads
With BookBub Ads, you can promote a new release to BookBub’s millions of power readers. 

Step pricing a series

Price your books in a series in descending price

Google AdWords
Target keywords that your audience would likely search for to find books similar to yours. 

ARC Launch/Street Team

Work with your most loyal fans and get them excited with a free copy, drive pre-orders, and get immediate reviews and sales on launch day. Leverage your launch team to help build buzz and momentum for your new book, which can lead to word-of-mouth sales later, too.

Professional Refresh Cover Art
Redesigning a book cover can be a great way to stimulate book sales. It gives you the opportunity to “re-launch” the book according to the evolving taste of genre readers. For a series, creating consistent branding and title style helps readers recognize the series and makes it easy for them to buy more than one.

Facebook Groups, Reddit, Online Groups

Ask your Facebook Groups and other online groups to spread the word, to pre-order, and review on launch day. Create a Facebook group with other authors to cross-pollinate fan bases with contests, giveaways, and new releases.

Professionally written Book Blurb

Book descriptions that draw a reader in and also include quotes from authors, awards, and a phrase that excites your audience (e.g. “If you love adventure, don’t miss this action-packed read!”) have higher engagement rates.

Email Newsletter Swaps

Swap content and promotions with fellow authors’ email lists in your genre to promote your book.

Goodreads Ads
Run a giveaway, connect your blog, advertise your books—the Goodreads Author Program gives you access to the marketing tools you need to build buzz around your books.

Guest Podcasts
Join fellow authors or media on their podcasts as a guest to promote your book. Fans enjoy hearing an author’s voice.

Amazon Ads
Whether you have one title or many, Amazon Advertising has multiple options for authors like sponsored products or product display ads.

Guest Blog Tour
Write guest blog posts for fellow author and media blogs to promote yourself

Re-targeting Website Display Ads
You’ve had fans hit your website, remind them about your awesome books as they’re on other websites through display advertising. Got a great cover? Showcase it across the web and social and turn that existing audience of browsers into buyers.  

Weekly Blog Posts

Write regularly on your own blog to deepen your connection with your fan base

Facebook / IG Ads
While not wholly dedicated to readers like Goodreads, Bookbub, or Amazon, Facebook and Instagram ads give you the opportunity to cast a wider, yet targeted net, with varying kinds of ads like a carousel, video, or static images.