Audiobook production just became even easier for Smashwords users.

Audiobook production just became even easier for Smashwords users.

Findaway Voices partners with Smashwords, making it simple for authors to create and distribute audiobooks.

Findaway Voices is the easiest way for authors to create and distribute an audiobook to listeners around the world. And for Smashwords users, it just got even simpler.

Findaway Voices and Smashwords, the world’s largest distributor of indie eBooks, are now in a partnership that gives authors a streamlined transition into audiobook production.

This partnership gives Smashwords authors the freedom to explore audiobooks with confidence, leveraging the trusted creation and distribution resources of Findaway Voices.

How it Works

Once an author submits their eBook to Smashwords for publishing, they are given the opportunity to start audiobook production and automatically send their metadata and book details directly to Findaway Voices. It all happens seamlessly.

Once a project is transferred to Findaway Voices, authors are prompted to answer a few short questions about their book. Their answers, along with the manuscript, help the casting specialists at Findaway Voices create a custom list of casting options. Authors then receive a email that invites them to review audio samples from the 6–10 narrators who are top candidates for their project.

Along with audio samples, authors also have the opportunity to read each narrator’s bio, see their rate, and explore their past work. Anytime they hear something they like, they can request an audition with a single click.

Findaway Voices handles the rest. Auditioning narrators are asked to record a short portion of the provided manuscript, giving the authors everything they need to feel comfortable with (and excited about) the narrator before committing to full production.

Once the author selects a narrator to produce the audiobook, they are guided through the rest of the process, which includes solidifying production milestones and approval deadlines.


Findaway Voices can also help authors get their their audiobook to listeners everywhere through the world’s largest distribution network — a service that yields some major benefits and is available to everyone, not just authors who have produced a book through the service.

By distributing with Findaway Voices, authors get access to listeners in almost every country in the world through more than 20 global retailers. Plus, they maintain full control of their audiobook through the entire process by setting their sales price and having the power to select their distribution channels.

Where to Start

Get started today by transferring an ebook from Smashwords to Findaway Voices here: