We'd like to congratulate two audiobooks produced through Findaway Voices that have made the cut as nominees in this year's Independent Audiobook Awards (IAA)!

Join host Jeff Strand and many more on June 7, 2019 at Bragg Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri for the 2019 IAA. A huge shoutout to the nominees that were produced through Findaway Voices! Check them out.

Inspector Hobbes and the Bones (Witcherly Books) — Written by Wilkie Martin, Performed by Tim Campbell

Accidental Thief — Written by Jamie Davis, C.J. Davis, Performed by Roberto Scarlato

What are the Independent Audiobook Awards?

A couple more quick facts about the awards, because we here at Findaway Voices absolutely love them:

  • There are 21 separate genres this year,
  • Each genre boasts five nominees, and
  • Genres range from Apocalyptica all the way to biography, game-lit, and LGBTQ+.

Check out their page where you can view all 21 categories and their nominees. We love how the authors, titles, and narrators are all included in the nomination (sort of like how a title track in your audiobook is supposed to comprise of!).

Independent Audiobook Awards - Congratulations to the Nominees

What else catches our eye includes the photo gallery, where you can see winners from last year accepting their awards and get a feel for how much fun everyone was having. (Hint: you may find some of the Findaway Voices team in there as well. We had a ball.)

Head to the bottom of the page, where you can listen to award winners from each genre from 2018. Fantastic content, to be sure.

We would like to take another chance and congratulate the two nominees. It’s a massive win, and we couldn’t be more excited for everyone involved!

Awards For Audiobooks? You Bet!

Are you going this year? Have you been before? Check it out if you haven't; it's a fantastic way to network with other big names in our industry and get to know some cool people in the meantime.

If you’re ready to upload your own audiobook after being inspired by this incredible feat, click here and get started. Also feel free to check out our Facebook and

Again, great work to all involved and we are keeping our fingers are crossed.