We are so excited to announce that your audiobook will soon have even more opportunities to reach listeners around the world. Today we’re announcing four new partners that will increase your audiobook’s global reach, and they’re all scheduled to launch in the next 30 days.


Based in the Netherlands, Fuuze weaves audiobooks, eBooks, games, movies, music, and sports into an unlimited threshold subscription.  They are owned and operated by the digital marketing company Cliq Digital, which has massive reach and can market Fuuze to 2.2 billion people in 34 different countries. For one monthly fee, customers in Europe and the United States have access to their massive catalog of unlimited multimedia products. That catalog can soon include your audiobook!


Reach listeners in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and more with BajaLibros. Based in Argentina, BajaLibros is the first digital bookstore in Spanish from Latin America.


Be among the first authors to have audiobooks on this platform. Similar to BajaLibros, titles on Leamos reach many countries in Latin America. For a monthly fee listeners can download the app (available in the App Store and Google Play) on their computer or smartphone to gain access to your audiobooks.


Operating under the same parent company as BajaLibros and Leamos, Bidi is an library platform for educational institutions, corporations, and governments in Latin America.

Ready to start selling on these platforms?

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If you are already distributing your audiobooks with us, we have updated our Digital Distribution Agreement. If you would like to opt-out of one or more of these services, you can adjust your title-level selections on our website and republish. Otherwise, there’s nothing you need to do to grow your presence around the world.