We're excited to launch a new distribution partner that will help your audiobooks reach Latin America. Another partner is winding down.


Ubook is the largest audiotainment provider and the leading subscription based streaming service in Latin America. They offer audiobooks, daily news, podcasts, magazines, and original docs and series to their subscribers. Committed to more than 2 million active users, Ubook has a variety of digital books from publishers worldwide.


Playster is winding down their direct to consumer business. Their site is now in maintenance mode and product detail pages are no longer accessible. If you have any customer-facing links to Playster on your website or marketing materials, we recommend that you remove them at this time.

We are no longer sending new content to Playster as their subscriptions are being phased out, but some existing content may still be available to existing subscribers for a bit longer. All outstanding royalties will be paid for sales made on the platform while they wind down, and we're continuing to work with their team while they pivot their business into something new.

We have updated our Digital Distribution Agreement to reflect these updates. If you would like to opt-out of distributing to Ubook, you can adjust your title-level selections on our website and republish. Otherwise, there’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of this great new opportunity.