Will from Findaway Voices recently sat down with Kevin Tumlinson and Mark Lefebvre to answer questions LIVE from authors.

In case you missed it live on Thursday, you'll want to check out this AMA all about audiobooks with Will from Findaway Voices and Kevin and Mark from the Draft2Digital team. There are a lot of amazing questions from authors packed into this hour. Plus, there's a great announcement from D2D at the end that you'll want to hear!

(It also includes a special (read: awkward) moment at the beginning where Will struggles to figure out where all those voices are coming from. Totally normal!)

If you'd rather read the exchange, or want to see the full transcript, head over to the Draft2Digital blog: https://www.draft2digital.com/blog/everything-audiobooks-with-findaway-voices-will-dages-d2d-ask-us-anything-oct-17-2019/.

Thank you Draft2Digital for inviting us to the AMA, and for all the amazing authors who tuned in live to watch and ask questions. We had a ton of fun!