With much of the buzz from last week's announcement focused on Findaway, here are some details about what the pending acquisition means specifically for Findaway Voices.

Wide Distribution

Findaway Voices remains a wide distribution service, partnering with more than 40 retail and library partners globally. When you distribute your audiobook with Findaway Voices, you're choosing to go wide and participate in a healthy broad ecosystem for audiobooks. This is something that makes Findaway Voices unique and powerful in the industry, and Spotify makes our wide distribution even bigger and better. Much like how Anchor (owned by Spotify) continues to distribute podcasts widely, Findaway Voices plans to continue distributing audiobooks widely for authors.

Spotify Audiobooks

Spotify plans to launch audiobooks, but it's still early and the exact details have not yet been announced.

Spotify currently has no plans to offer audiobooks as a singular full-catalog subscription. Just as the Spotify podcast offering differs from the Spotify music offering, the audiobook offering will pursue models that specifically fit listeners' and authors' needs. More details will come closer to a launch.