How to Wrap a Meetup for Voice Pros

How to Wrap a Meetup for Voice Pros

Last weekend I was able to spend a few hours with the Voice Over Pros of Central Ohio, an awesome, sharing, passionate meetup group in Columbus, Ohio.

It was a great time full of practical advice for running a voice-over business and a wonderful sense of community. What really stood out to me, though, was the fun way they closed the meeting.

At the end of the meetup they posted a tongue twister and invited volunteers to come up to perform a speed-read — the fastest and most-error-free performance winning a prize. It was a really fun, engaging, and downright impressive way to wrap up a fun few hours. My shaky hands weren’t able to fully capture the awesomeness on video, so I’ll leave you here with just the text of the tongue twister they used:

Bobby Bippy bought a bat.
Bobby Bippy bought a ball.
With his bat Bob banged the ball
Banged it bump against the wall
But so boldly Bobby banged it
That he burst his rubber ball
“Boo!” cried Bobby
Bad luck ball
Bad luck Bobby, bad luck ball
Now to drown his many troubles
Bobby Bippy’s blowing bubbles.

The winner on Saturday recited the tongue twister in just 10.5 seconds — impressive! My read came in not to far behind at 14.5 seconds, but still not good enough to win a prize!

If you’re in the Columbus area, be sure to check out the group. They’ve got something special going on! (Meetup Link)

Kelly Lytle
by Kelly Lytle

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