Spotify’s recent a la carte launch means you can set price promotions through Findaway Voices

One of the easiest ways to grab consumers' attention for your audiobooks is to run a price promotion. Spotify recently launched audiobooks in the United States and a number of authors used the moment to let their fans know by running a price promotion—and you can do this, too!

Creating a Spotify Price Promotion

Running a retail price promotion is simple on Findaway Voices. To get started, login to, choose the “Marketing” tab and start a promotion under “Promotional Pricing”.

There are four steps in our user-friendly process to setting up a price promotion:  

  1. Name promotion - Here you name the promotion and choose an eligible title.
  2. Choose retailer - Choose from Spotify, Apple, Chirp, Barnes & Noble
  3. Set discount - Set the discount price of the audiobook
  4. Set promo date - Define the start and end date of the promotion

Some items to remember…

  • When you set a promotional price, you are setting a promotional list price, not setting the sale price to the consumer (remember, the retailer can still modify the sale price to the listener up or down, but you’re still paid a royalty from the price you set).
  • The promotional list price will override your retail list price for the date range you choose, on the retailers you've selected, and thus affect your royalty.
  • Future promotions cannot be scheduled further than 6 months in the future.
  • You can have more than one promotion for the same book, but the effective dates cannot overlap.
  • You may set your price as low as free, but some retailers may require a $0.99 minimum price point.
  • You cannot add a promotion to a title that has active launch pricing.

Authors that have a series of books, think about running a stair step pricing promotion on the entire series! You’ll set up each title in the series individually and consider adjusting the promotional price on each title so the more aggressive discounts are earlier in the series.

If you have any questions about setting promotional pricing for Spotify, feel free to reach out to our support team.