Will Dages of Findaway Voices is a guest on Episode 102 of "Wish I'd Known Then... For Writers" with Jami Albright & Sara Rosett

Do you want to promote your audiobooks? Or are you just getting started with audio and aren’t sure how to create an audiobook? Will Dages, Head of Findaway Voices, talks all things audiobooks. Will discusses Findaway’s new Marketplace, which helps connect narrators and authors. He also shares tips about how to work with narrators, how to promote your audio on all platforms, and why you want your audiobooks in libraries.


Show notes:

  • Why it’s easier to make an audiobook than you might think
  • Why audio is a long-term income generator for authors
  • Why social media isn’t the “holy grail” for authors
  • How diversifying in format widens your audience
  • Tips on how to work with a narrator to get a great audiobook
  • Trends on what is selling in audiobooks
  • Changes in the audiobook industry: short term promos, stair-step pricing, and uptick in sales of shorter audio
  • Findaway’s Marketplace and how it helps connect audiobook narrators with authors
  • How to promote your audio to libraries
  • Audio preorders and how they help promote your audiobooks