Three ways to leverage 100 new redemption codes in your marketing

We recently announced you can use 100 giveaway codes, now called redemption codes, per published title to unlock audiobooks on Spotify and authors are excited! Redemption codes are a solid tool in your marketing tool kit. Let’s take a look at three ways you can put them into action now.

1. Your Narrator!

The beautiful voice behind your audiobook is your teammate. It took both of you to bring your audiobook to life and your narrator is usually equally excited to see it come to market. Offer them some redemption codes to help get your book out to their audience. Remember, narrators have fans, just like authors, eager to experience their latest work.

2. As a Lead Magnet

An audiobook is a compelling item that can incentivize your website visitors to join your email list for a chance to receive your latest audiobook on Spotify. You could do a weekly audiobook redemption to one new subscriber from the past week for the entire year and still have redemption codes left to use. Remember, your email list is arguably the most valuable marketing tool and growing your list should be an evergreen priority.

3. Network Effect

Use your audiobook redemption codes to grow your network.  Cultivate an audiobook launch team or street team of fans to promote you and your work. Create a genuine connection to fellow authors. Building relationships with authors inside and outside your genre makes it very easy and organic for these authors to help promote your next book when it is ready. Finding fellow authors is as easy as browsing the same shelf in your library, Facebook Groups, your local literary and writer organizations, or attending an author conference like 20Books, NINC, Superstars Writing, and others.
There are a myriad of ways to leverage 100 free redemption codes for your audiobook and we’d love to hear yours. If you have any interesting ways you've used them and want to share your story, send us an email at