Marketplace is launching soon—win a free audiobook launch marketing kit!

Your audiobook cover and book blurb are the most important marketing assets you can control.

Potential customers use these two things in addition to reviews to determine whether or not to hit the buy button. That's why now through June 1st we are giving away 6 audiobook launch marketing kits that include a custom cover, book blurb, and cover launch post.

So how do you enter?
All you have to do is register your name, email, and the audiobook title you intend to create when Marketplace launches. Then, when Marketplaces officially launches for authors, get your project started, cast your narrator, and get in production by the first of the month for a chance to win.

Two winners will be selected each month!
The earlier you get your book started, the more chances you have to win. We're picking two winners on April 1st, two on May 1st, and two on June 1st. Every registered author with a production in our workflow during those months will be part of the drawing. We’re excited to help a handful of lucky authors make it on Marketplace!