Your Audiobook on Chirp

We’re very excited to announce the newest member of the Findaway Voices distribution network: Chirp.

Your Audiobook on Chirp

We’re very excited to announce the newest member of the Findaway Voices distribution network: Chirp.

Why are we so excited about Chirp? Well for one, you probably already know the company behind Chirp... it's BookBub! The biggest name in eBook discovery is jumping in to audiobooks, creating new opportunities for authors who distribute their audiobooks wide.

What is Chirp

Chirp offers a fresh selection of limited-time audiobook deals that listeners can purchase à la carte directly from their site. The deals featured on Chirp are supplied by authors and publishers and curated by the same team of BookBub editors that are behind their ebook Featured Deals.

When a listener gets their daily Chirp audiobook deals email, the deals don't link out to other audiobook retailers—Chirp is the retailer. This is a little different than how their eBook deals work. Chirp has built their own incredible listening experience for iOS, Android, and web playback.

Listeners are going to love it.

Why we're excited

We're always excited when a new audiobook player enters the market, but here are a few reasons why this one is different.

Expanded Reach

Findaway Voices is committed to helping authors sell more audiobooks, and BookBub has a proven track record of finding the right readers for the right books. They've nailed the formula for incentivizing readers to act quickly through limited-time deals, and we can't wait to see them translate that formula to audiobooks!


eBook deals have proven their value and potential already, but nobody is operating this model in the audiobook space. The field is wide open for Chirp to be the audiobook discovery platform.

Full Control

Chirp is a great way for authors to leverage the price control that exists outside of the Audible ecosystem. For years, running an audiobook deal simply wasn’t possible because Audible was the only game in town and they set your audiobook's price for you. Chirp is leveraging the price control that Findaway Voices gives to authors, and is turning it into a huge business opportunity for everyone.

How do I get my book on Chirp?

If you already use Findaway Voices to distribute your audiobooks, your audiobook will already be available to Chirp's editorial team. Opting in to Chirp through Findaway Voices doesn't guarantee a deal or promotion, but it does make your audiobook available to Chirp's team. Once your audiobooks are on Findaway Voices, make sure you also join the Chirp Waitlist and read through their announcement blog post.

We are so excited for the possibilities and potential that Chirp brings to the audiobook market. To make sure your audiobook is available to Chirp, sign up for Findaway Voices and upload your audiobook today!