Effective today (July 1, 2019), your audiobook royalty rate for Google Play has increased from 45% to 50%.

Feeling déjà vu? Last November there was a similar increase in Google Play's royalty rate from 40% to 45%. Now it's happening again with another 5% bump. We're excited to deliver this good news, and hope you're excited too. It pays to have your audiobooks distributed widely!

What This Means For You

All the audiobooks you distribute through Findaway Voices will now earn a 50% royalty off your list price (which you set) on Google Play.

We've updated our distribution agreement to reflect the change. Additionally, there's nothing you need to do to take advantage of the increased royalty. This is not a short-term promotion—it's a permanent change for everyone who distributes their audiobooks through Findaway Voices.

Ready to go wide with your audiobooks and reach 30+ retailers and library partners all over the world, plus enjoy this new 50% royalty rate on Google Play? Upload your audiobook to Findaway Voices today!