This distribution update brings one addition and one removal to the Findaway Voices distribution network. We're adding BingeBooks, and removing BookBeat.


BingeBooks is a new online community for readers, created by authors. They strive to be a place where readers can celebrate and interact with the content, and they're looking to evolve into a reader hub with increasingly innovative features for authors to connect with existing and prospective readers.

BingeBooks plans to launch their audiobook storefront in the next few months, selling audiobooks in the a la carte model. By opting in now, your title will be made visible to their team as they move closer to launch. In other words, your books won't show up on their site immediately, but you'll be there on day one when they launch.


We're removing BookBeat from our list of partners, since no audiobooks from Findaway Voices have gone live on the platform since we first announced them as an upcoming partner. We will consider re-adding BookBeat as a distribution option when we can reliably get books for sale.

What You Need to Do

We have updated our Digital Distribution Agreement to reflect these distribution updates. If you would like to opt-out of selling your audiobook on BingeBooks, you can adjust your title-level distribution selections on our website and republish. Otherwise, there’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of this great new opportunity.