We are thrilled to announce that your audiobook will soon have even more opportunities to reach listeners around the world. Not one or two—today we’re announcing five exciting new partners that will increase your audiobook’s global reach, and they are all scheduled to launch in the next 90 days.

You may remember just a few weeks ago we announced four new distribution partners. We've been hard at work expanding the opportunities your audiobook has with Findaway Voices, and sometimes many months of work all pays off at the same time.

With these additions, your audiobook can now reach 43 library platforms and retail brands through Findaway Voices. The new partners are:

Read on to learn more about each service and get excited, because if your audiobooks are already with Findaway Voices, you won’t miss out on any of the opportunities in these exciting growth markets.


Recipient of the Publishing for Digital Minds Innovation Award at the London Book Fair in 2014, Bookmate is a retail subscription service with over 6 million users, making them the largest ebook and audiobook subscription service in Eastern Europe. Bookmate also has a social networking element that allows subscribers to post and share within the app, as well as create themed 'bookshelves' to collect titles they've read and share thoughts on each book.


Backed by the UK publisher Bonnier Books, BookBeat has become the second-largest audiobook distributor in Scandinavia. They operate in Europe and currently have localized platforms that target users in Sweden, Finland, UK, and Germany, with more expansion planned. They already have over 250,000 paying customers, and that number will only grow as Europe’s audiobook demand increases. Based in Stockholm, BookBeat provides listeners with unlimited audiobooks for a single monthly fee of about $13. That’s a huge existing customer base that your audiobook is about to tap into!


Axiell is library partner that has exclusive digital audiobook contracts for public libraries in both Sweden and Finland, and they've also partnered with big institutions such as The Carnegie Museum of Natural History and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which isn't far from Findaway HQ). Having done great things for libraries, they're now also expanding into retail with a new brand: Bokus Play (up next).

Bokus Play

Bokus Play is a subscription service where its Scandinavian members pay 79 SEK/month (about $8 USD) for discounted a-la-carte purchases. It’s like paying for a wholesale club membership to get access to great deals. Bokus Play is a new brand in the audiobook industry, but their parent company, Axiell (mentioned above), is a seasoned pro. Bokus Play will offer a great marketplace for your audiobooks, and we are thrilled to launch with them.


Developed by BookLender, the world’s leading e-book and audiobook rental service, AudiobooksNow wants to cause ripples in the audiobook market. Located in Baltimore, AudiobooksNow is focused on North America. They also provide a “Club Pricing Plan” ($4.99/month) where members pay for discounted a-la-carte purchases!

How to get started

To get started, just upload your audiobook to Findaway Voices. That’s it! Findaway Voices will take care of the rest. As each of these partners goes live, your audiobook will be there.

If you are already a customer, we have updated our Digital Distribution Agreement. If you would like to opt-out of one or more of these services, you can adjust your title-level selections on our website and republish. Otherwise, there’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of these great new opportunities.

P.S. Are you a narrator? This is exciting news for you, too. Five more retailers where you'll be sharing royalties on a Voices Share production!