Findaway Voices is adding new levels of visibility into your audiobook's status through the distribution process.

With our recent introduction of Retailer Links, Findaway Voices now lets you know when your audiobook is live on select storefronts. But what else happens after you hit the Publish button on Findaway Voices?

Up until now, no news was good news—we only contacted you if there were any problems with your audiobook. This understandably led to some confusion about where your audiobook was in the distribution process.

We've been working hard all year at improving the speed at which we get your audiobooks live with our partners without sacrificing quality. Starting today, we're making our quality assurance and distribution processes more transparent than ever before.

New Notifications

We're introducing two new notification steps on your audiobook's journey. Now, you'll be notified explicitly when your audiobook has passed our QA team's review, and again when your book has been sent out from Findaway Voices on its way to our retail and library partners.

If there are any issues with your audiobook, you’ll hear from us as well, along with guidance for how to resolve any problems.

Distribution Timelines

In most cases, our QA process will take 1-2 days, and you'll see your audiobook live many places within 7-10 days after that.

Keep in mind that each of our retail and library partners have their own ingestion process for new titles, once they receive the audiobooks from us. Some are automated and very fast, some are manual and take more time. Some occasionally have extra delays or backlogs to work through. You should expect a delay between when we send the title off to our partners and when they have the book live in their system.