Walmart launches “Walmart eBooks” (which includes audiobooks)

Walmart launches “Walmart eBooks” (which includes audiobooks)

Good news! If you’re distributing your audiobook to Kobo through Findaway Voices, it’s already available to Walmart.

Yesterday, Walmart and Kobo launched a new platform called Walmart eBooks, which includes an audiobook subscription service where a customer pays $9.99 in exchange for one audiobook per month. Kobo partnered with Walmart to power their catalog, so if you currently distribute your audiobook to Kobo through Findaway Voices, your audiobook is already available to Walmart.

This is another exciting moment in a year that’s been packed with audiobook growth. More and more big names are diving into audiobooks, wanting to provide their own offers to their customers, widening awareness and promotion for audiobooks. It simultaneously validates and further stimulates the growth in the audiobook industry. And through all the growth, Findaway Voices continues to give you paths to offer your audiobook everywhere. With the launch of Walmart’s audiobook offering, you can now reach 30 audiobook sellers through Findaway Voices. That’s thirty companies all working to reach listeners across the world who want your audiobooks!

What it means for authors distributing with Findaway Voices

When you distribute your title through Findaway Voices and make a sale on Walmart, it will be shown in the royalty report and payment as a Kobo sale, paid out under the same terms and royalty rate as a Kobo sale (there won’t be a separate line item for Walmart vs Kobo sales). Since Walmart is a downstream partner of Kobo’s, we’ve bundled the options together on our distribution selection page. Every title currently being distributed to Kobo will also be available to Walmart. There’s no action needed to take advantage of this great new big-name sales channel.

Findaway Voices started distributing audiobooks to Kobo back in May of this year, shortly after the Walmart deal was announced. You can read our initial announcement here:

Findaway Voices now distributes to Kobo

Want to sell your audiobook on Upload it to Findaway Voices today, and be sure to choose the “Kobo, Walmart” option on the distributor selection page.